Crystal Sound Bath: The Vibration of Life

Hello and welcome to Health in Heels with Dr. Lisa!

Continuing on our saga in the Season of Sound,I want to introduce you to something that I am really excited about! In my studio at the Ocean Oasis Day Spa, I perform a sound bath treatment which helps quiet the mind and still your body and in a hectic world…we all need a little bit of this. The sound bath treatment is effective if your looking to de-stress and heal your inside as well as your outside which is something I really want to promote this season!

The sound bath is an experience in which, gongs and singing bowls are played in a way to promote a more relaxed mind and nervous system. When we perform the sound bath for our patients the sounds guide them on a journey of self discovery and inner exploration promoting deep relaxation, peace and expansion of the consciousness as well as helping to open ones entire energetic system.

As it relaxes you, it should also energize you!

Gongs are one of the oldest instruments of Southeast Asia and gong making was originally an ancient family secret. So shhhh…. I’m getting you in on a little secret here! The notes and sound waves generated by the gongs rush over you and it’s completely amazing!

Crystal singing bowls which are made entirely of silica or quartz, have been known to possess the ability to transform, store and amplify energy.

I would love for you to check out my demonstration of both the gongs and crystal singing bowls on my YouTube channel so you can experience it as well!

Each bowl is tuned with a specific musical note and when I perform a sound bath, I use both my Atlantis and Dark Star gongs – both of which have different tones to them. The Dark Star has more of a crashing sound to it, and those sounds vibrate through your entire body! Not only is it amazing to do, but it’s also incredible to experience! The singing crystal bowls have different notes and as they vibrate the sounds go through you, putting you in a relaxed mode. The idea is to let your body heal itself from the relaxation.

I hope you get a chance to check out my sound bath demonstration as I had a blast and I would love for you to experience this for yourself because it’s truly is amazing! It’s an excellent and unique way to relax, unplug and revive your body and mind. Thank you so much for joining me here on Health in Heels with Dr. Lisa as we celebrate sound this season!

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That’s all for now and as always I’m Dr. Lisa reminding you to be well and be fabulous!