Sound Mind & Body w/ Yoga Instructor Erin Ressler

Hello and Welcome to Health and Heels with Dr. Lisa!Continuing on in our Season of Sound, I want to introduce my long time friend, Kundalini, Erin Ressler! Erin is a practitioner and yoga instructor, that recently starting teaching yoga at my Ocean Oasis Spa this March! I’m thrilled to share a little about Erin today and how the practice of yoga contributes to a sound mind and body.

Just to give you a brief intro, Erin started getting into the lifestyle, teaching and training of yoga about 20 years ago and over the last 7 – 8 years, she really discovered she wanted to teach and be of service with the practice. She was fortunate to be raised around Kundalini Yoga and meditation, as her dad is a teacher and practitioner so it was always around her and her environment – so she has a lot of valuable experience with yoga and she is so excited to share it with everyone!

Erin practices all kinds of yoga, but the yoga she will be teaching at the Ocean Oasis Spa is Vinyasa Flow, which is Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. She describes Vinyasa basically as giving you a flow between sequences. Erin prefers to go a little slower when teaching her classes, that way there is more structure for the postures and you receive more benefits moving into all of them. Also it will allow you an opportunity so you can feel more freedom to move between the postures – which is the flow.

For Erin, yoga makes her feel like she has a place in the world, a purpose for herself and other people, and most importantly being able to give to others – which is such an amazing feeling. I can also really relate to that, because I find when practicing medicine, when I give to people and see their joy, it ten folds back to me. So when we watch people, we can see them go to another place, which is extremely rewarding!

I find that yoga helps everything work together and it’s really great when you get that feeling of freedom, relaxation and for some people, it might even be another level of consciousness. Also I have found that ultimately yoga really helps us want to become better people, which is something we all should be striving to do! Yoga not only helps us look good, but it helps us feel good as well, so I think it’s important to try to keep finding that balance. And sometimes one serves the other, so when we look good we feel good too!

Erin also shared with me how yoga helps her find sustainable joy. When she is able to come to a place in herself through diversity and all the things that are happening in life – she looks to find some sort of sustainability and happiness through it with yoga. And even in the worst situations she thinks, you can really start to transmit that!

As a doctor, I have always known about the health benefits of yoga, but I really love to hear that a sound mind also helps with a sound body. This season, I have been trying to get my patients to grasp a sound mind and yoga has been really valuable for that!Erin explains how ultimately the yoga postures are just to get you to a place where you can mediate, Savasana and to relax and move about your day. She teaches her students how it’s a really just a timeout so being able to have good alignment through the postures so your not getting any tweaks in your neck is really essential. And proper alignment and form throughout the postures can actually be a moving meditation as well. (more productive..)

Most people when they think of yoga believe you have to be super flexible like many of the crazy yoga poses you see on Instagram, but Erin reassured me that is absolutely not the case. She thinks yoga is actually in the mind and not just the body. Basically, if you can see it in your mind, you can do whatever you want and everything is possible!

I feel like this year, with the yoga studio in my attic, I finally have the missing piece of my practice! Since the Ocean Oasis Spa is three stories, my practice being at the bottom, then the spa and finally the yoga studio at the top in my attic – we are really able to symbolize not only physically, but trying to encourage figuratively the importance of the body, mind and soul at the Ocean Oasis Spa. As a result, promoting peace, relaxation and just being able to get in touch with yourself – which is incredible!

I am so excited to share this ancient and beautiful practice with everyone! Keep tuning in on our journey together and I hope we can encourage our followers to get out and try some yoga if you haven’t already. If you would like to keep up with Erin you can follow her on Instagram @jellylove. That’s all for now and as always I’m Dr. Lisa reminding you to be well and be fabulous!